samedi 31 octobre 2009

Since March 16th, 2009, I await an answer of Google-Group-France

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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Since March 16th, 2009, I await an answer of Google-Group-France

I am muzzled on the USENET forums by the French subsidiary company of the company which has to repurchase the excellent company DEJA.COM which created an extraordinary USENET interface.
What does it occur to Google France?
How is it tolerable that France with money can make its law in this company?
How Google which was an ENORMOUS PROGRESS in the history of humanity, how this company equipped with a gigantic PRODUCTIVITY HISTORICAL can it tolerate that the cruel criminals of France with money colonialist can, in the same way, to exert its censure.

That made more than 7 months that I am muzzled by Google Groups on Usenet.

They even succeeded in slipping a COOKIE which prevents me from READING Usenet!!!

Destroyed message (on the colonial crimes) and my account - destroyed Google.groups


I am Yanick Toutain
One of my messages was destroyed in 5 groups (by Google groups it seems)

and my account USENET-DEJA.COM-GOOGLE has also destroyed him.
This account had been created before even as Google comes to repurchase
I was pleased during ten years with this repurchase, but I am extremely anxious from what has occurred for one week.
I find myself as a spectator looking at the interior of the room of a restaurant without being able to speak with anybody (unless creating one alias whereas I have spoken under my name for more than ten years and my inscription on
[I am, in the same way, in the incapacity to publish in physical forum my critical text of chapter 3 of the relativity of Einstein.]
The proof of the destruction is given by Google hides which filed the message that Google groups seems to have destroyed.,+censure,+insultes+:+les+blogueurs+de+droite+n%27aiment+pas+la+v%C3%A9rit%C3%A9%22&hl=fr&lr=&rlz=1Q1TSEA_frFR307FR308&num=100&newwindow=1&filter=0
One can note that the 5 copies in the US groups, French China economy and Italy were destroyed
It has been the first for more than ten years which such an event occurs.

They even destroyed the Chinese copy (Taiwan)!!! That forecasts future badly: would the syndrome Google China apply now here?
Drift HADOPI leads to support Françafrique and to censure the denunciation of the crimes of colonialism.

I take council near you for
1° To make D-post the message
2° to recover my account
3° to know the name of which destroyed my account and the message
4° to know which made the request of it

5° to restore the initial state of the front engine censures: certain pages of my blog are not referred any more!!!
Thank you in advance
Yanick Toutain

POST SCRIPTUM: all my other accounts are accessible: gmail, youtube as my blog monsyte on blogspot… but when I there am connected, I cannot even READ the groups.
A message appears to me
Does Google Error ForbiddenYour customer does not cut permission to get URL/? hl=fr from this server.


PS 2: I could write this message grace which support of the account of Julie Amadis. She shares my concerns. 3/17/09
PS 3
The bond towards the initial text is still readable on my blog
The bond returned invalid is
My message was unobtrusive forum fr.soc.politic
Just like in the forums alt.politics, tw. China and policy in Italy.
whose copy hiding place attests the existence

But I discover that the copy which was in forum economy, it, was not unobtrusive. #
and that in all the economy groups that Google recopies one on the other.
For as much it is invisible with the internal search engine with the economy group
Lastly, if a reader of the groups wishes to know my profile (which was destroyed) and which he clicks to know the list of the other texts that I wrote, here what he finds
I am put at the marked pilori of an imaginary infringement. 3/17/09


October 31st, 2009

Public question at Lydia-Google when with the suppression of my account DEJA.COM-USENET-GOOGLE-GROUPS

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