mardi 22 juillet 2008

A short answer for Mr Ian Parker (mirrors of Michelson)

answer to the text of Ian Parker in the furum sci.physics of usenet Google / en réponse au texte de Ian Parker sur le forum sci.physics de usenet-Google


Mr Ian Parker

The problems of accent come from MY computer : I use a free access in a public library (my web connection SFR 3G is broken)
I make copy of the text saving the web pages. But I am trying another method : I put your text in the bloc note Here, it is forbidden to use the translator.
About " I think you French should understand that for reasons
> of their own anti relativity is a cult amongst neo Nazis and right > wing republicans." I am smiling : I was a trotskyst militant member of the 4th International (1973 1982) I am post marxist : I have produce the concepts of "formoisie" and " innovoisie" , two new classes. I have no fear about the opinion of einsteinist.

I have wrote a text "Nous sommes tous des juifs normands"
and a song "Nous sommes tous des roses" "We are all pink" (our skin)

And I am working for 6 revolutions.

My position about Einstein is recent : since 1999.
I have try to put the "Puthagoras integer" in the gamma function of Einstein (special relativity). It didn't work ! I became with a doubt.
Going back to Newton, I have discovered that einsteinsts was lying about the true thesis of Newton.
I went back to Democritos, Epicuros, Titus Lucretius, Isaac Newton and VI Lenin.
I have read again the materialist analysis of Lenin (gnoseology) About the objective time, the objective space.
I fight for the truth, for the materialist analysis. I fight for the science.
You informe me about the link between the right wing of capitalist politicians and some opinions against relativity. I knew that about the 20th and 30th years of the 20th century. You could give me more precisions : are they partisans of the Aether ?
Have you met some true partisans of Newton (partisans of vacuum space and atoMos ) ?
About the nazis, they are partisans of the fascist Werner Heisenberg : the want heroes to decide their future without determinism . They refuse determinism. I am a partisan of absolute determinism : all is "written". The future is predictable. The future is determined by the past. The present is determined by the past. Since 13 billions of years, it was possible to preview what happen today : my answer to your text : I am a fully materialist : all is movement of the last grain, movments of atomOs (of Democritos)
About Einstein : He went in the USA in 1921 to help Weizman to collect money for the sionist project. I have no problem to explain the manner the relativist imposture was helped by king of Spain, king of Belgium, emperor of Japan, Vatican and sionists. Relativist project (and the lies of Eddington 1919) was a missile against the science, against the victory of the marxists in Russia. Fascists can say what they want. The shout of hypocrits partisans of Einstein will not stop the struggle for the science, for the materialist explanation of the universe.
Sincerely Yours for the (materialist) revolution
Yanick Toutain
Have you read my new text :

(not enough time to write the french version : the public library is closing)

The text of Ian Parker
> I translated, if I recall 2 postings. One I did myself rather fast and
> I did miss out accents. They are difficult to do on my keyboard. For
> the other I used Google Translate and edited. Google Translate is not
> too bad for French although it is terrible for Arabic and other
> inflective languages.
> I am interested in Arabic, largely because of my knowledge of Latin
> and my experience of Google Translate. I am a complete beginner and I
> haven't got membership of the Einstein cult on any criterion other
> than Relativity. I think you French should understand that for reasons
> of their own anti relativity is a cult amongst neo Nazis and right
> wing republicans.
> Je traduit, si je me souviens 2 messages. Un je ne l'ai moi-même assez
> rapide et je n'ai manquer accents. Ils sont difficiles à faire sur mon
> clavier. Pour les autres j'ai utilisé Google Translate et édités.
> Google Translate n'est pas trop mal pour le français mais c'est
> terrible pour l'arabe et d'autres langues inflectives.
> Je suis intéressé en arabe, en grande partie à cause de ma
> connaissance du latin et mon expérience de Google Translate. Je suis
> un débutant et je n'ai pas adhérant du culte d'Einstein sur aucun
> critère que la relativité. Je pense que vous français doivent
> comprendre que, pour des raisons qui leur sont propres de lutte contre
> la relativité est un culte chez les néo nazis et l'aile droite des > républicains. > > Google dit langues inflective. C'est langues inflectiveS. Pas d'accord
> entre substantif et adjective. C'est typique. En l'arabe (ou latin) on
> ne peut pas le faire.
> - Ian Parker

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