jeudi 24 juillet 2008

The vacuum of Newton, answer to Noeinstein./ Le vide de Newton, réponse à Noeinstein


Brief answer from the cyber

Dear Mr Noeinstein
I agree with the beginning of your text.

500 seconds after the emission of its image, no on know WHERE IS THE SUN.The image show us where the Sun WAS 500 seconds before.
Idem for Mercure.
Brève réponse depuis le cyberje suis d'accord avec le début de votre texte.500 secondes après l'émission son image, personne ne sait OU EST LE SOLEIL.L'image nous montre où était le Soleil 500 secondes avant.idem pour Mercure.
I was reading, Newton's book "De gravitatio" yesterday in the evening.He explain (against Descartes) that we have a true speed , an absolute speed in relation with the VACUUM.
Je lisais le livre de Newton hier soir. De Gravitatio.

Il explique (contre Descartes) que nous avons une vraie vitesse, une vitesse absolue par rapport au vide.

Newton agree with Democritos.Newton est d'accord avec Democritos.

Go and read Principia and De gravitatio.
Retournez lire les Principia et De la Gravitation
We will struggle together with the true theory of Newton against the swindlers.
Nous lutterons ensemble contre les escrocs.

Have you read my text about Michelson and his mirrors in English:

Yours for the materialist scientific revolution
Yanick Toutain

original text of Noeinstein
Dear Yanick: Newton was a scientist; Einstein wasn't. Newton tried to verify things via experiment; Einstein had no concept of what experimentation is. Einstein was a science GROUPIE. He talked to, and/or corresponded with, trying-to-be-real scientists. An astronomer friend told Einstein that the moons of Jupiter reappear sooner than their periods predict. So, Einstein supposed that gravity was curving the light. It was no great stretch to assume that a massive object would bend light more than a less massive one. To test that idea, Einstein figured the light of a star passing behind the Sun during a solar eclipse would be bent an angle that is directly proportional to the square of the Sun's mass (taking the mass of Jupiter as unity). He was so ‘cock sure’ that he was right, I suspect that he had his astronomer friend put an opaque disk over the Sun's lumen. That would enable making light bending observations any day of the year, if stars' light was seen through infrared filters. The other points you make about relativity are all pointless. Varying ether flow and density is the correct cause of every observation in nature. Newton made a contribution. All Einstein did was to keep making guesses. And he guessed wrong. — NoEinstein —

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