lundi 21 juillet 2008

STUPID CLOWN SHOUTING "DIPLOMAS ! DIPLOMAS ! DIPLOMAS" (science struggle about the Michelson interferometer)

an answer to a text of usenet forum
(in the debate about mirrors of Michelson)


If you refuse the anisotropy of vacuum space.
If you are a relativist, a member of the stupid sect of the partisans of Einstein, you must find other arguments than the diplomas.

I give you equations, I give you drawings, I give you the results.

You DO NOT argument neither about the equations, neither about the calculus, neither about the drawings, neither about the result !

You stay like a stupid clown shouting "DIPLOMAS ! DIPLOMAS ! DIPLOMAS"

Who gave the diplomas to Newton ?
Partisans of the materialism ?
partisans of vacuum space ?
partisans of atomos ?

= = =

Against the einsteinist, science become a struggle.
A science struggle.

Newtonist, partisans of materialism, partisans of the materialist philosophy of Democritos, Epicuros, Titus Lucretius, Isaac Newton and Vladimir Illich Oulianov-Lenin will win !
I am a newtonist ! I am a partisan of vaccum space, a partisan of atomOs, a partisan of science !

Yanick Toutain

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