dimanche 22 mars 2009

GOOGLE :"Sergey Brin and Larry Page... HELP !"

A message in alt.politics (with Julie Amadis account)

Yanick Toutain speaks : Google groups has destroyed my message against the crimes of Sarkozy-Bolloré in Africa. Help me

My message has been destroyed in alt.politics.
The proof ?
Google research gives it,+censure,+insultes+:+les+blogueurs+de+droite+n%27aiment+pas+la+v%C3%A9rit%C3%A9%22.&cd=6&hl=fr&ct=clnk

Try to find this message !

My Google account (my deja.com account has been destroyed)
If someone can ask Larry Page et Sergey Brin, my question is :
"Google was my friend to write on the web the true ideas of Newton, the true thesis of Isaac Newton about absolute space (objective space), absolute places, absolutes speeds.
1100 pages noted by Google with my complete name and the name of Newton
75 pages with my name and "vitesse absolue"
But my Google-deja.com account with my true name is destroyed
I cannot put my critic of the chapter 3 of Einstein's book "La relativité"(
(special relativity and general relativity)
On my blogspot page :
"mardi 10 mars 2009
La Relativité par Albert Einstein. Sources. Chapitre 3. Une analyse critique par Yanick Toutain du livre de Einstein le crétin. "

(The rest of my Google account works but empeach me to READ the groups ... another big)

I ask Sergey Brin and Larry Page : "What happen ? No one answer me since ONE WEEK !"

My question is there
I am not the only one without answer
But I am the only one that have had my account destroyed.

I'm waiting....

(thanks to Julie Amadis : I wrote that text with her account)

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