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Riot formoise or revolution anticapitalist or vast fascistic provocation of oligarchy.

Riot formoise or revolution anticapitalist or vast fascistic provocation of oligarchy.

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Émeute formoise ou révolution anticapitaliste ou vaste provocation fasciste de l'oligarchie.

By Yanick Toutain
09/12/08 16:06

The class formoise is a exploiteuse class.
To overcome the capitalist class makes him fear to raise a fatal lid.
The class formoise undergoes the domination of the middle-class class but does not want to divide, it wants to preserve its privileges.

Militants LCR have a long time were afraid to go to militate in the poor districts. They still refuse to make pass the demonstrations coeds in the peripheral working districts.
They feared “to start the riot”.
It arrived nevertheless.
The waste which they contributed to manufacture since 1995 and their perpetuated idiotic line evolved/moved only when the precarious ones, in the absence of another thing, in the absence of another organization, approached the LCR.
Misery came with the LCR when the LCR did not go towards misery.

From where thus would come, currently, the development of an ultra left coed?

He well, exactly of the same causes.

The fast passage of opportunist most lamentable to the most delirious adventurism was the fact of the Thirties of Stalinism.
There is also the example of “populist” Russian.
One the party Russian social-revolutionist following the example of which passed from terrorism to the provisional government of 1917.

How intellectuals can zigzag between the assassination of the tsars, the ministers and alliance with the fascistic general Kornilov?

It is however very simple: these people, these proto-formois do not manage to leave their class.
Neither in act, neither in thought, nor in analysis, they manage to tear off the blinkers formoises.

In the Seventies one saw baba cool leaving to the countryside to raise goats… to return some month later and to degenerate into quinquagénaires reprocessed and demolished on the human plan.They made build, became perfect egoists.
Their life is a life of dead losses.

Beyond be delirious racist of their leader Julien Coupat, beyond the fascistic provocations proto which its memorable works contain, concerning his band of grocers of bucolic Tarnac, one has no index letting suppose that these people will skid differently whom the old baba-cool ones skidded.Only the combat for the claim of 1000 euros for all makes it possible to sort the good grain of the ryegrass.
This claim is Rubicon which separates us from the class formoise.

One did not intend the accused Alliot-Marie to claim the equal wages for all nor - moreover - the permanent closure of capitalism.
In addition, the revolutionists fear violence. The Bolsheviks were peacemakers throughout the year 1917. They even sought to prevent expressed them of at the end of June and at the beginning of July 1917.

Who thus seeks the confrontation in Greece? Who seeks the confrontation in the anti-G7 demonstrations?
The imbeciles formois who give up the revolution before even as it is started.

The cretins burn the banks when it is a question of closing them!

The expression émeutière of anger can have two causes:


The first, it is ignorance. An oppressed group, exploited, cease, suddenly to support the unbearable one.
One can enter the riots of slaves, the riots of the silk workers of Lyon.
Cultural misery prevents them from foreseeing a future, to conceptualize contours of a future.


The second kind of riots, they are the riots of exploiteuses classes.


When the lower middle class, the peasants of the Seventies or the small shopkeepers directed by Gerard Nicoud, start to refuse to undergo the fate which is envisaged to them by capitalism, they are suddenly put to use forms émeutières.
But these classes do not seek one to build a future. They do not seek to reverse the dominant class.
They want crumbs!


May 68, concerning the line followed by Cohn-Bendit and the direction of the JCR, also corresponds to this model.
The future exploiteurs formois, the members - students - class formoise in construction did not have clear intentions concerning their final renunciation of any privilege.
And their leaders reflected the immediate interests of this proto-formoise social layer.

Two facts attest the intellectual swindle which made the leading group.


If they let develop the riot, it is characteristic that they did not make any effort to develop Soviet forms.May 68 was the reign of the large mouths, the reign of AG handled. The smooth talkers of the Cohn-Bendit kind were attached too much to their privileges of rhéteurs to tolerate the discipline of the representativeness.

Revocability, the Soviet forms, they will not be developed by the Communist League (future FCR-LCR) only in March 1973.
It is a new generation which will organize the return to the true revolutionary traditions of the labour movement.
May 68 was directed by a small committee of schemers which functioned with the consensus.


The other swindle was the slope of the practice émeutière. As much the leaders practised the street battle, as much this idiotic attitude went hand in hand with the fact of leaving with the capacity gaullist the totality of his positions.
An extraordinarily massive demonstration could have occupied the Elysium. But the band of Cohn Bendit carried on its way.
They played “to make seeming.”

The student leaders of the proto-formoisy “made mine”.
The middle-class did not have great a deal to fear.

If they were the Stalinist ones of the PCF which assumed the role of proven sabotage when the workers joined the students, the part played by the “trotskystes” was not, in May 68, a revolutionary role.
One finds in Greece as in France this same refusal to prepare consciously and actively a revolution.

The History will make it possible to take a decision between what concerns left provocations ultra coming from the silly thing of class of the privileged formoisy and what concerns a plot deliberated on oligarchy;

It is necessary, within this framework to read again this :
The ex Italian president has just acknowledged the truth. He explains the plan of the fascistic middle-class men for Italy (and thus for Europe): they want to use agitators in the Universities, in the mobilizations, to have pretexts to found a dictatorship.

Italy: the return of Fascism? Incredible declaration of the former president of the républiquemercredi November 19, 2008, by Olivier Bonnet (...)It is in this context that the incredible interview granted to three newspapers by Francesco Cossiga intervenes, former president of the Italian Republic and senator with life, in French line on the site of the translator Marco Guadagni: Cossiga - Maroni [current Minister of Interior Department] should do what I did when I were Minister for Intérieur.Journaliste - I.e.? [...] Cossiga - Initially, to drop students from the colleges. It is enough to think so that it would occur if a kid were killed or seriously wounded… Journaliste - And academics? Cossiga - to let make. To withdraw the police force of the street and the universities, to infiltrate the movement with provocative agents which are ready with all, and to let during ten days the demonstrators destroy the stores, to put fire at the cars and the cities at fire and blood. Journalist - And after that? Cossiga - Afterwards, forts of the popular consensus, the sound of the sirens of the ambulances should surmount that of the police cars and the police officers. Journalist - In which direction? Cossiga - In the sense that the police force should not have pity and send them all to the hospital. Not to stop them because after the magistrates would give them in freedom, but to type them, and also type the professors who encourage it. Journalist - professors too? Cossiga - professors especially. Journalist - President, it of a paradox, isn't acts? Cossiga - I do not speak about the old professors, of course, but of the small mistresses [maestre ragazzine], yes. You realize of gravity of what is occurring? There are professors who endoctrinent the children and who reduce them in the street: it is a criminal attitude! It is noted that the “criminal attitude” does not consist in sending all the demonstrators to the hospital but encouraging the demonstrations! And one quivers while remembering the repression of an amazing ferocity which had struck the demonstrators against the G8 of Genoa in July 2001, as recalled by the ticket of our friend Céleste, Vergogna. With the criminalisation of the opposition to the government which is being established on our premises - to see the very equivocal business of the saboteurs of far left -, times are not far from being ripe to authorize the outburst of the violence of State. And one will not be able to claim that one had not seen it coming.

The ultra lefts are the puppets of capitalism. They are not - at best - that the reaction trépignante of formois means which play “to make seeming” when it is a question of reversing capitalism.
For that, any confrontation with the repressive forces is a defeat: it is necessary to dialogue with the police force, to dialogue with the soldiers.


And for this reason, it is urgent to act politically to prevent from harming the agitators of the formoisy far left!It is necessary to uncover their absolute imposture, their complete stupidity!

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