samedi 6 septembre 2008

LHC : At rest, Einstein's partisans are cretins


It is a joke for the title : relativistic Einstein's partisans are still cretins even when they move.
Since 1687 and the work of Isaac Newton we know that Genève is moving, we know that London is moving, we know that the CERN is moving, we know that the LHC is moving.
The LHC is moving from an absolute place to another absolute place.
Isaac Newton explained us this movement : The true motion of the LHC is an absolute motion.
The relative motions are not the real motions because it is the sum of two absolute motions.
Einstein's partisans explain to us that the LHC is at rest.
At rest !
At rest ?
Poor stupid charlatans ! Fully crazy swindlers !
They take a great risk ! They take an immense risk !

The LHC is moving in the empty space !
Isaac Newton understood this fact.
He explained to us the walk of a sailor in the hold of a boat. He explained to us the relative motion of the sailor in relation to the boat.
he explained the relative motion of the boat in relation to the sea...
And, then, the relative motion of the sailor in relation to the sea, etc...

But Einstein was an idiot who believed that he was more intelligent than Isaac Newton !
Poor stupid guy !
Fully ignorant of what philosophy is !
A stupid partisan of Mach, a stupid partisan of bishop Berkeley !

We lost one hundred years because of him and of his partisans !

The LHC is moving in the empty space.
The LHC goes from an absolute place of the vacuum to another absolute place of the vacuum.
It is the heritage of Newton !

But Einstein's partisans do not want the young scientists to read the text of the Principia : In France, the only place of the web where you can read the numerical text of the explanation of Newton is the Monsyte page.
The Bibliothèque de France have not found time enough to give us a numerical version of the text : they only show photographs of the old text !
Saboteurs !

The LHC is going in the direction of the Ain Al Rami star.
It is an hypothesis.
No one on earth knows the direction of the motion of the earth.
No one on the earth accept to ask himself the question : where is the direction of our motion ?
What is our speed ? What is our absolute speed ?

I am looking for Isaac Newton's partisans. Since 2000.

It is urgent to create a group with the partisans of Isaac Newton. It is urgent to create a true scientific group.
We must work together to find our real speed, our objective speed in the vacuum, our absolute speed.
Science is the knowledge of what happens in the objective universe.
Images, groups of photons are the messengers of the real events. But time is absolute,the space is absolute, the speeds are absolute.
The time is objective, the vacuum space and the motions are objective, the true speeds are objective.
Einstein the cretin never succeeded in understanding that.

His partisans are hoping to discover something in the LHC.
But they don't understand what they are doing : they DO NOT KNOW the speed of the LHC... then they DO NOT know the speed of the electrons they put inside.
They ignore the sum of the relative speed (in a circle) and the absolute speed of the ring (the absolute speed of the earth).

The partisans of Einstein believe that the black blocks (their black "holes" !!) are at rest !
A group of photons at rest !!!

They are fully ignorants of the speed and the true movements of the black blocks of photons.

They have created a sorcerer tool !
They are even not apprentices !
But we are not in a Disney's cartoon !

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